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Maitri, unconditional loving-kindness towards oneself.

Our philosophy is that each human life is precious and unique, and healing often involves embarking on a journey to heal our body, mind and soul. Our treatment supports your bodies innate ability to restore balance to your vital systems, achieve physical balance and support mental harmony and ease.

Four Pillars of Matrilife Treatment

HERBS AS MEDICINE - custom-blended herbal combinations using European, Ayurvedic and Chinese plants.

MIND-BODY PRACTICES AS MEDICINE- Yoga therapy, Meditation, Visualisation techniques.

FOOD AS MEDICINE - taking into consideration your body's own unique nutritional and constitutional requirements with tailor-made nutritional programmes.

BODY-WORK AS MEDICINE; a signature massage including acupressure and cupping therapy.
Maitri Natural Health Centre
252 Streatham High Road
Streatham, London, SW16 1HS
Tel: 0208 769 0065
Fax: 0208 677 6568
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